Where is the Port-A-Potty?



You might think a Port-A-Potty is the ugliest thing you have ever seen…that is until you have been holding it for an hour and finally get to one.  In the latter case it may actually be the most beautiful sight in the world.  If you are in the construction industry you are probably used to using one while you are at work.  If you are sports fan you are probably used to using one while at play.  If you are a country bumpkin it may even be your permanent at home commode:)  For the rest of us, we see or use a  Port-A-Potty every now  and again, but we sure are glad they are there when we need them.

Port-A-Potty buildings started popping up around the 60′s and quickly became a business staple in America.  If your business draws large crowds or moves on a regular basis you will probably need a Port-A-Potty service at one time or another.  You can quickly increase the number of bathrooms at any given venue from zero to dozens in a couple hours.  These portable bathrooms are such a necessity, that during the construction and housing boom of the early 21st century, there were towns where it was actually hard to get any because they were all in use!  Now you should be able to get one anytime you want, but there are still some things you need to know before renting or buying them for yourself.

 Port-A-Potty buildings are normally made of plastic and can be transported from one site to another on a pick-up truck or a small trailer.  They can be moved easily with a dolly, as long as they have already been pumped, or come empty.  You can even move one without pumping, with a small tractor, forklift or sometimes even a pallet jack.  Even though they can normally be delivered and set up by a one man operation, to be serviced they will need a different kind of truck.  Normally a company will have a separate employee and a vac truck come to pump the disinfectant  and deodorant along with any waste out and then back fill it with clean fluids.  Port-A-Potty’s Typically have a blue disinfectant/deodorant mixture in the holding tank, which serves many purposes.

The  disinfectant and deoderant mixture does more than just sanitize and make the restroom smell tolerable.  The blue color is also used as an indicator of when it is time to service the Port-A-Potty.  You see, the urine and other wastes react with the blue color to turn green.  When the fluid begins to turn green, it is easy to see that it is about time to  service the unit, as the deoderant is losing its capability to deodorize…and nobody wants that.  The fluid in the holding tank also acts as a stabilizer for the building.  Since they are not permanently affixed to the ground and sometimes are in the elements without any wind protection, without this stabilizing weight the building would blow over in the slightest of breezes.  Something else you don’t want to have happen…especially if you are inside!

In the decades since the Port-A-Potty was invented you could say that very little has changed, but in fact they have gotten much better.  The fact is, you can even rent a Luxury Port-A-Potty today.  Bet you never thought you would hear those two terms together, huh?  Your standard portable bathroom comes with all the amenities necessary to do your business.  A toilet, a locking door, a vent out the top of the building so the occupant can breathe and one out the holding tank area where the unit can be pumped and the odor can escape.  Toilet paper dispensers are standard and some come with a urinal and a sit down toilet, many of which are in  the larger, handicap accessible portable restrooms.  But if this is all you know about,  you are missing out a whole new world of specialized high falutin commodes.

If you happen to be a celebrity, you are probably familiar with the luxury toilet trailers which often come with their own attendant, fake plants out front and nicely appointed restrooms with running water that you find on movie sets across the country. Many of these look more like office buildings than they do outhouses.  I have seen polished brass fixtures and tile floors in these buildings and many seem nicer than what you will find in a lot of peoples homes.  This type of building is much more expensive to rent, which is why you don’t see them everywhere.  However, if you have a nice event you are planning, the kind where people would not be happy siting in a honey hut…this is definitely a good option for you.  I have seen these for political events, charity fundraisers and even outdoor weddings.  These restrooms definitely add a touch of class to your event. 

As for the smaller Port-A-Potty, additional features can still be added.  Many of these have fresh water holding tanks and a foot pump operated hand washing station or even just a hand sanitizer dispenser, which I think you will agree is a very worthwhile upgrade.  If you have several Port-A-Potty’s you can even order a totally separate external sink station which will have a clean water storage tank and soap dispensers as well.  These sanitation features are minor changes that have been made to portable restrooms over the years, that have resulted in massive improvements.

So, now that you know all of the different types and grades of portable restrooms that are available to you, which will you choose?  Perhaps you will consider a Port-A-Potty for an event that you never would have thought would be serviced well by a portable restroom, since you realize you can get a luxury bathroom trailer. This luxury trailer  will seem just as classy as the occasion.  Or maybe, you still just need the bare bones john for your workers to use in a pinch.  Whatever your purpose, there is a Port-A-Potty  custom tailored to your needs and you can find out more about where and how to get one or several here.



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